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Who are You?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on August 29, 2009 by Stunning Love

Does this sound familiar? 

Someone questions your career choice so then you begin to doubt it.   You are wearing an outfit that you think looks great, and you feel fantastic wearing it, until someone makes a negative comment.  You are having a difficult time making choices because you are constantly second guessing yourself.  You change or tweak your persona to fit that of those around you.  If this sounds familiar don’t beat yourself  up because you are not alone, and you can change these patterns. 

So now you are asking yourself, why do I behave this way?  The answer may be rather simple, you are most likely uncertain of who you are.  Now, the question becomes how do I become certain.  How do I become a confident person making concrete decisions.

I know 2 full proof questions to ask yourself that will help get you on track to find that confident person that you aspire to, and only two assignments that will aid you in getting there.

1 Ask  yourself; who am I?

To have the experience of a full and joyous life, we have to ask the question, Who am I.   Living in the shadow of others limits you tremendously.  When you allow the opinions of others to take precedent over your own, you are missing out on  opportunities to bring your own unique perspective to the table.  Knowing who you are allows you the freedom of filtering out the noise of the world, IE family, friends and everyone else who might make a judgement. 

What are those things which are most important to you

It is when you have  a clear vision of that which is important to you, that you are able to drop those things from your life that waste time or that bring you misery.  You can become more engaged in your life, creating spaces to do more of that which brings you the most joy. 

What are your morals and values. 

Writing down your morals and values, saying them aloud is definitely a great way to gain perspective on who you are.  Naming those things that you  are unwilling to do and calling out  behaviors that are unacceptable for you, will give you a road map to the type of life you want to live.  Setting boundaries will be a cinch, if you have an understanding of these basic principles.  Take cheating for example, if  you say that you are not a cheater than you will take the steps to not cheat in life, whether it be on your job, in school or with a spouse. 

Regarding a career, what path would you take if you already had all the money you wanted or needed? 

Knowing your true talents and abilities is the best place to start to answer this question.  Usually those things that a person is innately gifted in are those which would bring them the most genuine pleasure.  However there are exceptions, it can be true that you have an affinity for something, for which you have little skill.  You may have to work a bit harder to improve your skill to do as well as you would like, but if you truly enjoy it, than it would be worth the extra effort.  Whenever we are doing something that we enjoy it seems less like a tedious rat race and more like an experience that we are excited to have everyday.

2 What is my vision for my life?

Without a vision for our lives we will just wonder around aimlessly being unproductive and more often than not leaving behind a mess for others to clean up.


a) Devise a plan.

Now that our vision is clear,what is your plan?

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is that succesful people have a plan.  In order to accomplish your goals you need to have a plan that states clearly your plan of action. 

b) Follow through with your plan.

Creating a plan is great but now it is time to follow through.  Be sure to take the necessary steps to accomplish your goal and do not deviate from your plan unless, along the way you learn valuable techniques that can serve you better than your  first idea.

By following these steps you will create a confident person that you can be proud of. You will illuminate the world with your own unique light.