I am what I eat.

We have all heard the saying that “we are what we eat”,  I am smiling as I admit that for far to long I have been FAT.  I have really been enjoying those comfort foods that we all know so well.  Mac N cheese, chips, deserts etc. 

 I am in a place in my life where I am getting back to that happy little girl that I was before I became aware of the world.  You know that place where nothing else seems to exist except joy, and then life starts unraveling.  You begin to see cruelty and even experience it and for some like myself, you don’t really have the tools to deal so you can begin to find ways to heal from the pain that you feel.  For me that healing came in the form of those comfort foods that I mention above.

Thankfully I am back to that place where my life is more joyous.  I have the tools to deal with the  eb and flow of life and the power to remove myself from situations that do not serve me well.  I know how to comfort myself without the comfort foods.   Therefore it is time to break away from the bad habits and create new ones, as I have heard so many great speakers say.  I am now ready to do just that, I am ready to create a me that is healthier. I am ready to eat foods that represent the way that I feel which is light and exuberant.  Those comfort foods certainly do not make me feel  light.  On the contrary, usually what I feel after eating a bowl of apple pie is sluggish. I am ready to have the energy to create some great things in my life.  That does not mean that I am going on a diet and never eating chips again.  However what is does mean is that I am changing my life style.  The foods that I am choosing to comfort me are life affirming foods like those fruits and veggies that we all know we should eat as well as other foods that will help to facilitate a healthier happier me.


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