Are you a sharer or hoarder?

So I visited a friend and all throughout her home were piles and piles of clothes.  There were boxes of clothes under the table, clothes were pouring out of the closets and there were even clothes in bags with price tags on them.  She could afford all those things so that was a relief but why, why so much.   Was she and her family really wearing all the clothes that I saw, not possible.  So of course I asked and her reply was, “I don’t know.  Things get old and we think that we might wear them again so we don’t want to get rid of them.” 

Many of us are hoarders, not just with material things, but with far more important things like love, support, respect and compassion.  If we are sharing those qualities of ourselves at all, we only share with a select group of people. 

What is the world coming to.

I often hear people say, “what is the world coming to”, and what I know, is that depends on us.  What I have learned, is that the more we give, (with a generous heart) the more we will get.  To be able to offer money and material things to those in need is a blessing and when we can we definitely should.  However, we are all blessed with gifts that can often be far more valuable, such as kindness.  A smile does not cost a thing but could save a life. 

If we see someone traveling down the wrong road and we have directions, metaphorically speaking, we should offer the better route instead of pointing fingers and judging.  Shouldn’t we choose to aid in preventing a train wreck when possible?

Blessed am I to have known some very generous people, who have shared their wisdom, love and material things when I was in need of that.  I am thankful to have experienced the gift of generosity because it has taught me so much.  Giving has served to fill my soul, I feel richer when I share.  I am not wealthy by the worlds standards but I often feel prosperous.

I wonder what the world would look like if our leaders would share their countries resources instead of warring. Wouldn’t there be less poverty if we shared in such a way and wouldn’t that be awesome, heavenly even.


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