Who are you, what do you bring to the table?

While on my own journey to become the best of myself I have had to ask some questions, some of which were a bit painful to answer.  The most important question for me was and is, what do I bring to the table.

It is often said that we are all connected, and if this is true, and I believe it is, then it is important for me to know how the life that I am living  is impacting the whole of us.  Am I contributing positively or negatively to the world. 


Ok, I must be real, I have been guilty of gossiping in my life, but why.  Why do we gossip.  I am a joyful person now, not perfect but I like the road that I am traveling.  However, I am aware that most of my gossip sessions grew out of me trying to connect with a person or a group of people, wanting to belong, to be accepted.  When I began to accept myself without the need of validation from others, I began to have less of a desire to partake in gossiping.  What does gossiping really bring to the table, nothing at all.  It is never a positive thing to speak poorly about someone else.  The truth of the matter is that our words are very powerful, so when we use them for good or bad, it affects our lives directly.  When we talk about others behind their backs we are diminishing our integrity as well as bringing negitive energy to the worlds table.


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